Mission Statement

The Medicine Park Aquarium & Natural Sciences Center is dedicated to conservation through education – bringing people, nature and science together.


In the early 2000’s, the city of Medicine Park was in the process of an extensive revitalization with a goal of returning the glory of Oklahoma’s very first resort town. City officials contacted Lawton native, Doug Kemper, for ideas.  At the time Doug was completing work on the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks. The dream of a native wildlife zoo and botanical gardens began.

In 2009, the dream began to take form and the plans for an eight-acre eco-tourism attraction were developed. The first fund-raising meeting was held in January 2010. David and Candace McCoy, developers with a major hand in the revitalization of the area, generously donated the land on which the facility stands today. The Aquarium opened in June of 2017. And, with at least 25 years’ worth of planned expansion, the staff and many, many supporters blaze forward bringing the dream to fruition one day at a time.

We hope you enjoy your visit to one of Oklahoma’s most unique attractions and certainly one of the most scenic areas of the state.